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Learning Environment

The Learning environment in the institution is a life time Experience of students due to rich school- Interface and numerous interactions with academicians and Educationist.

Multipurpose Block:

Institution has a spacious lab which could be used for performing various instructional activities it could also be used for conducting experimental designing during dissertation work.

Multipurpose Hall :

There is a hall in our institute having sitting capacity of about 400 members at a time. There is proper ventilation both for air and light. It is used for conducting function, exhibitions, Co-curricular Activities, workshops, campus etc.,

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Class Room :

Classrooms are the main platforms where effective learning takes place. The absence of required standard facilities in a class rooms leads to brain drain and creater a void between teacher and students. Due to this reason we have taken all the possible care while designing class rooms. The furniture used in classrooms are of good quality to enable student for six hours of comfortable and continuous learning.

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Seminar & Workshop :

Presentations, Interactions with ellites of different hues and disciplinary and socialization have their own impact on shaping and grooming of future leads. Institute is laying importance on theire aspect and ensuring that each student is given an opportunity to prepare projects, different Papers write visit reports etc., Interaction with eminent personalities is also organized to broader the vision of students Indirect Effect of such interaction is improvement in marketability of own product and hence between placement.

Library :

Institute has a well equipped full computerized library which provides later and up-to-date reference and course books. It is subscribing a large number of journals, Newspapers and magazines. A study room has been attached to the library for in depth study. The good collecting of CD, VCD,DVD and CD - Rom's and Audio cassette on different subjects marks the library unique. Library has been connected to internet to have an access to information from the world.

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Network for Physical Development :

Meditation Groves, hobby center, lawny and jogging tracks, sports and play field provide an environment for physical and mental development, essential fo learning and assimilation.